Friday, January 11, 2013

Game Boys (and Girl)

Connell played a lot of boardgames growing up and has always played games with Fiacra and Ailbhe. They are both able to play more advanced games now. Fiacra doesn't love losing, but who does! When the three of them play, Fiacra and Ailbhe often announce "kids on a team", meaning they both still play individually but with a common goal, beat Connell. Here are some of their current favourites.
Dragon's gold is my favourite. You work together to slay dragons. Once a dragon has been slain, the players involved negotiate the division of the dragon's treasure, each trying to get what helps them the most. There are various magic cards that can impact the negotiations. This game is hard to find, I believe Santa purchased ours in France.

In Forbidden Island, the players act as a team, trying to recover four treasures from an island that is flooding. Players take turns but you win or lose as a team. This is the only co-operative game we own, we usually prefer more competitive games but this game is good.
This game is, as it says on the box, the game of global domination. Connell and Fiacra started playing Risk over Christmas. Last Sunday afternoon, they had 2 more boys over to play. They played for 2 hours and would have kept going if there weren't impatient mums in the background with dinner ready.

Enjoying Risk

Fiacra, Ailbhe, and their friends can play these games on their own now and do. I would much prefer them to be playing board games with their friends rather than glued to a gaming console.

Playing Forbidden Island on a houseboat in Temagami this summer. Fiacra looks intense!

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