Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fitness Goals - Week 3

It was a good week despite the very cold temperatures. I would definitely prefer a more consistent winter. I'm not a fan of the temperature fluctuations we have been having. My first five Canadian winters were spent in Edmonton, where it gets cold and then stays cold all winter. Sometimes it was a little too cold, but I would take that over the melting-freezing cycle we are currently in.

Tuesday 6:45am -26ºC 39 minutes. I wore my balaclava. It doesn't make an appearance very often but when it's this cold it is nice to be able to pull something over your mouth every so often. My fingers and toes were cold for the first half of the run. I just wore my usual running gloves and light socks. I've forgotten how to run in the cold!

Thursday 6am -24ºC 58 minutes. The novelty of cold weather running was wearing off slightly. I considered going on the bike trainer instead but had planned to meet Tyandra. I knew she was really busy at work so was expecting a cancellation text from her. She was expecting one from me due to the cold, but since neither of us sent them, off we went. I was better prepared this time and wore mitts over my gloves and warmer socks, and had a great run.

Sunday 10:30am -15ºC 52 minutes. It was beautifully bright and sunny, a welcome change from running in the dark.

You would think that after a run in -26ºC, the first thing you would want to do when you get home is jump into the shower. Not a good idea, numb legs in the shower sting like crazy. I wait about 10 minutes and then have a nice long sting-free shower.

I did 3 weight work-outs, again all less than 25 minutes. This week I am definitely going to fit in 4 workouts.

Bike Trainer
No bike trainer again!

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