Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fitness Goals - Week 1

Last week was pretty successful - I did 3 runs, and 3 weight workouts, but didn't go on the bike trainer, groan! It was a fairly busy week, along with the kids' usual activities, I had my book club on Wednesday night and a full day in Toronto with friends on Saturday (what a fun day, thanks girls). Unfortunately, that's all it takes to miss a workout. I'm determined to get them all in this week.

Tuesday 7:40am -10ºC 33 minutes. Tempo run with some hills. I ran a little later than I normally do and was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. I also saw more runners than I usually do - do runners not get up as early as they used to?

Thursday 6am -5ºC 62 minutes. Ran with Tyandra, the time just flew by.

Sunday 9:30am 9ºC 52 minutes. Met some friends by chance and ran with them. We were having a brief hiatus from winter. I ran in half tights with no hat or gloves, so nice.

I am still refining my weights workout. I would like it to be no more than 25 minutes including set-up and tear-down. I need to fully inflate my new stability ball and incorporate it.

Bike Trainer
All set-up with a fan trained on it and now just waiting  - for me!

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