Saturday, January 25, 2014

One Canoe, Two Canoes

We are hoping to do a lot of canoeing this year and have been looking on Kijiji for a canoe since last summer. Then in a single week, we bought 2 canoes. The first is a really light fibreglass canoe. Connell drove to Barrie in very bad weather to buy it. It's only 14 feet so too short for backcountry trips, but perfect for day trips. The second canoe, our friends bought for us, as well as one for themselves. They are 16 feet tanks, which were previously rented out through an outfitter. They are in great shape and are a perfect size for backcountry trips.

Now we just need to lose the snow and freezing cold weather.

Darn this snow!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kneading Dough - Boy Style

While Ailbhe and Connell were at dance class this evening (Ailbhe - dancer, Connell - chauffeur services only), Fiacra, Finian, and I made dinner. We used a recipe for homemade tortillas that I had been given 9 years ago but hadn't managed to make yet. We mixed the ingredients and got ready to knead the dough.

"Watch Fiacra, I'll show you how to knead the dough"

"That's okay Mum, I'll knead it Fiacra Style"

"Oh God"

Behold  - kneading dough boy style (maybe best done with no guests present).

The tortillas were so delicious. Fiacra ate double the amount he normally eats. I think it was best that Connell didn't witness the kneading.