Monday, March 10, 2014

March Break - Part 1

This March break we want to spend a lot of time outdoors since it is warmer than it has been in a looooooong time. There has been lots of snow this year, which we love, but it has been really cold. We are excited for some warmer weather while the snow is still around.

March Break - Day 1
We dropped Finian at pre-school and Connell at work, and continued to Bechtel Park for a hike. It was around 0ºC and really sunny.

In the afternoon Fiacra went to play with a friend, Finian, Ailbhe and I went to play outside. We were visited by our favourite dog friends.

March Break - Day 2
At last Finian got his way and we went to the zoo. He asks to go on an almost daily basis. This was our first time going to the zoo during the winter. It's a bit of a pain taking off all your outside layers for the heated indoor exhibits but it was definitely less crowded than during the summer.

After the zoo, we drove downtown to our hotel, went for a swim, and went out for dinner. I have no photos of any of this!

March Break - Day 3
We took the subway to the ROM. Finian loved the subway. Fiacra displayed his non-cityboy status by saying goodbye to the other people as we got off at our stop.

After the ROM, we took the subway and streetcar to MEC to look for climbing harnesses for the kids (their new obsession). Ailbhe found one straightaway but Fiacra didn't find any that were as comfortable as the one he uses at the climbing gym. He was uncharacteristically reasonable and decided to wait and see what brand he uses at the gym.

March Break - Day 4
It was forecast to be 6ºC today, I could get used to this weather. Ailbhe decided she would like to try cross-country skiing at Bechtel park. They didn't let the fact that they don't own cross country skis stop them. They used very short plastic strap-on skis that we got at a garage sale during the summer with sticks as their poles. They skied a full loop and went up and down the hills many times. They had so much fun. I see cross country skiing in our future which I am very happy about.

After a very late lunch, the kids took their scooters to the cemetery to try them out. They got them for Christmas but haven't had the chance to use them yet. They met up with some friends, had a snowball fight and got a dinner invitation.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great break so far! We bought a family set of cross-country skiis a few winters ago, but haven't had much chance to use them yet. I am looking forward to using them when we are back. You watch, next year the winter will be really mild and we won't get to have any fun in the snow!