Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter is Over

Okay, that title is likely premature, but today felt so warm at -4º C compared to the temperatures we have had for most of the winter. It has been a really cold and snowy winter.

Finian and I left for an appointment in Hamilton at 8 this morning. It was -22º C when we left. We got home early afternoon and played outside for a long time in beautiful -4º C sunshine.

Our street is narrow and has no boulevard strip, so it is almost down to a single lane due to the huge snowbanks on either side. The city came a few weeks ago and removed all the snow build-up with a huge snowblower and a line of 5 dump trucks. Within a few days, and 2 snow storms later,  the snow banks were back. I did a 73 point turn to get out of the driveway this morning.

This was the first winter since Fiacra started school that the kids had a day off due to cold temperatures. I think it was -41º C that day. I definitely prefer snow days over cold days. Snow days are usually not too cold and there is lots of new snow to play in. Cold days are, well, cold.

Fiacra came running with me again this past Sunday, it was -17º C. He mentioned once that his nose was cold but otherwise didn't complain. We did 20 minutes together, he loved it. He says that this Sunday, he is ready to do my full run with me. At least it will be slightly warmer!

Finian's snow angel
Fiacra's snow angel
Slight adjustment
Snow demon

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