Friday, March 14, 2014

March Break - Part 2

March Break - Day 5
I checked the weather in the morning and saw the headline "Spring today, winter tomorrow". We wanted to take full advantage of the spring day. We went to Synder's Flats in the morning. Fiacra and Ailbhe cross-country skied again. It was beautiful out and actually got to 7ÂșC. Fiacra's face and neck got sunburnt!!!! How is that possible?

After another late lunch, we went to the cemetery, Fiacra, Ailbhe, and their friend Ty on scooters, and Finian in his walker. It was Finian's first time to use the walker outside. He loved it, especially the enormous puddle he charged straight into.

Ty stayed for dinner. Apparently I'm a hero who saved him from meatloaf.

March Break - Day 6
The winter storm warning was accurate - it snowed most of the day. We went to our friends' house in the morning and stayed for lunch. Ailbhe and Finian were delighted to be surrounded by dogs. Fiacra's buddy came home with us for the afternoon - they played outside for a while then played board games.

Once Finian was in bed, Connell, Fiacra, Ailbhe, and I played Ticket to Ride, our first time to play it. Fiacra won easily.
March Break - Day 7
It was cold today. Give me back the spring weather! We went to the library in the morning and for a swim in the afternoon. After dinner, Connell took Fiacra and Ailbhe climbing. 
We have been having a fantastic march break. We have done lots but it has felt really relaxing. We have been taking our time and not rushing. This of course means that the kids are getting to bed late but they usually will sleep in to make up for it (not Finian unfortunately). None of us are looking forward to next week. Bring on Summer!

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