Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fitness Goals - Week 7

My hip was still sore after running on Sunday, so I went on the bike trainer on Tuesday instead of running. I love having the bike trainer as an alternative to running if it's really icy, or I have a bad cold and don't feel up for a run, or as in this case a sore hip. I watch a show on the laptop when on the bike trainer, usually The Amazing Race.

Tuesday no run.

Thursday 6am 0ºC  53 minutes. I was really surprised when I came outside to a new layer of snow. Snow at 0ºC coats everything, so pretty. The skunks woke up today. I could smell one close to home as I was leaving, and later Tyandra and I saw one just ahead of us about to cross the road. I thought it was a squirrel so would have kept running, but Tyandra thankfully, has keener eyesight. 

Sunday 7am 0ºC feels like -2ºC 42 minutes. Spring has come in the past few days, there is still a lot of snow but it is starting to disappear. I could smell a skunk again as soon as I came outside. A resident skunk would not help us sell our house. It's time to switch to spring running clothes, I just need to find them!

I have been stretching my hip a lot and it feels fine now.

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