Friday, March 1, 2013

Fitness Goals - Week 5

I love my trice weekly running schedule - it's enough to feel fit without feeling like I'm running all the time. I also love running early morning, I run, shower, and I'm done for the day, generally before 8am.

Tuesday 7am 2ºC feels like -5ºC 42 minutes. This was my wettest run so far this winter. There was a few centimetres of wet snow on the ground, which due to a mixture of snow, rain, and freezing rain, was rapidly turning to complete mush. The traction was okay but my feet were soaked. I had to stuff my sneakers with newspaper when I got home.

Thursday 6am -12ºC feels like -22ºC 60 minutes. My balaclava got in another run. I felt fine but Tyandra was freezing for the entire run.

Sunday 9am -4ºC feels like -10ºC 45 minutes. I was actually too warm on this run, yep, there is no pleasing me!

Once again, weights were replaced by washing and painting doors, baseboards, and trim, but it looks so good when it's finished. Our house will soon be perfect and then we'll sell it!

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