Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fitness Goals - Week 6

It's starting to feel like winter running is coming to an end. I'm so looking forward to switching to shorts.

Tuesday 7am -4º feels like -11ºC 37 minutes. 

Thursday 7am -1ºC  43 minutes. There was a few centimetres of wet snow overnight and everything was coated in a layer of snow. This only happens when the temperature is close to zero. It made for a lovely run in a winter wonderland. I saw some people biking through the snow. I don't know how they manage to bike.

Sunday 10am -8ºC feels like -17ºC 42 minutes. It was very windy. My hip was achy after this run. I am terrible at stretching, in fact the only stretch I regularly do is an IT band stretch. For some reason, I haven't been doing it recently, I need to make sure to do it after every run. I hate getting injured.

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