Monday, April 15, 2013

New House

We got the keys to our new house today - it has been a long wait! We signed the agreement of purchase and sale in June so a really long closing period. As Connell, Finian, and I were pulling up to the house, Finian said "This my new house. I sell my old house." I sure hope so, our current house goes on the market on Tuesday.

I was showing a friend around the house and she spotted a mourning dove on her nest just beside the deck. I had walked past at least 10 times without noticing her. Fiacra took these photos and added the effects on my phone. It will be fun to see the eggs hatch and watch the baby birds. 

 It was a beautiful day today. Spring has hopefully arrived. It was forecast to be 19ºC, the kids were really hoping it would make it to 20º. We go for ice-cream the first time it hits 20º each spring. Thankfully, it didn't get to 20º - there was no time for ice-cream today!

We are still preparing our house for sale. It will be a busy week!


  1. Finian sure looks aflutter to enter your new home. =D I would also feel the same if it were my house. I remember the time we moved to our new home. I was the least excited to leave our old house, but when we got there, I couldn't be happier to have moved to our new, lovely abode. Hihi! (^.^,) It was worth the price, thankfully.

    Levi Ervin

  2. Do you mind if I ask the things which caused the delay of the purchase? It’s almost a year-long closing period. Did you have issues with the title? It’s a prevalent reason nowadays. Banks really struggle with such. All the same, I hope you have the title of your new house, as it is the most important. How’s everything? Paramount Title FL