Monday, April 29, 2013

House Update

We moved into our new house almost two weeks ago. We then spent a busy week putting the finishing touches on our old house before putting it on the market. We left most of the furniture in place and really just moved kids, kids' beds, toys, and kitchen essentials. We also completely emptied the basement and painted the walls and floors. It looked so good when the for sale sign went up and it was sold 4 days later. It worked out well for us having the overlap between the two houses.

Our house never looked this good when we lived there.

Sitting room
Dining room
Family room
Connell and my bedroom
Kids' bedroom
My office
We loved our realtor, Naomi Thompson, with Coldwell Banker. All of these photos were taken by James Leiper for the listing.

The closing date is in mid-June. Since moving, we have decided that we are going to immediately replace the kitchen, so we will move back into the old house while the renovation is taking place. We have 6 weeks to plan and renovate an old kitchen, yikes!

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  1. Renovating your house and showing off its best features will make it easier for you to sell it. Your house looks so calming and inviting that it's no surprise it was sold immediately after 4 days. Also, hiring professionals to assist you throughout the whole process made it easier for you. Good job, and congratulations!

    --Scott Sauer @