Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day

I got a text at 6 a.m. this morning, just as I was coming down the stairs to go on the bike trainer - a snow day, schools closed. Fiacra was ecstatic.

Snow falling 6 a.m.
Our Deck 6 a.m.

It has snowed all day. This is the most snow I think I have ever seen in a single session. Fiacra and I went out to clear the sidewalk and driveway and it was way over the top of my boots.

Ailbhe working hard
Ailbhe wasn't quite as happy as Fiacra to be missing school. She made a chart of each of the periods in a school day, e.g. 9:08 to 9:45 writing, had Connell set his phone so that an alarm would go off at the end of each period and has followed it for the whole day, including two nutrition breaks, gym, and music (piano practice). She went wild though and followed the Day 2 schedule rather than Day 5 as it would have been today. Day 2 is her favourite day. Our school board operates on a 5 day cycle rather than a Monday through Friday schedule.

Fiacra was happy to just hang out this morning. He did math club with Connell and then some minecraft in exchange for writing. Fiacra oftens complains that they don't do any math at school, so Connell has started doing math at home with him. I'm not sure why we call it math club, even Fiacra has wondered this. Fiacra loves to play minecraft but is not so keen on writing. He gets 2.5 minutes on minecraft per sentence written. He claims we agreed to this, I have no recollection of it but it seems to be working. In fact, his spelling has really improved. 

Minecraft time

Finian helping.

Fiacra, Finian, and I spent a long time outside. Fiacra was outside for over 2 hours. Ailbhe wasn't able to join us as it wasn't time for nutrition break.

Our Deck 11:30 a.m.

Finian covered in snow

The snow had a blue tinge to it today.

A lot of shovelling to be done.

Snow plough going past.

Not too cold today!
Fiacra and Ailbhe have gone outside again to try snow shoeing with Connell. I really need to wake Finian up from his nap. I'm going to try making cookies with him. Nothing beats a snow day!

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