Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fitness Goals - Week 4

Week 4 is actually coming 3 weeks after week 3. Finian was sick and then I caught a bad cold, so we weren't operating at full steam. I can generally run with a cold but a cold and a badly sleeping toddler isn't a great combination, especially at 6am. I did a few runs and also some workouts on the bike trainer, so not too bad.

I was back on track last week and had 3 great runs. 

Tuesday 6:45am -1ºC feels like -8ºC 42 minutes. I checked the weather before I left and it said freezing drizzle. I was worried it would be very slippy*, but it had snowed overnight so the snow gave enough traction.

Thursday 6am -5ºC feels like -10ºC 60 minutes. The weather report had freezing fog this morning. It had been above zero the previous day, so snow had melted and then froze again overnight so quite a few icy patches. There are advantages to running at 6am, one of them being no cars, so we could run on the road where it was icy. I ran with Tyandra, so nice to catch up with her.

Sunday 7.15am -20ºC feels like -25ºC 42 minutes. It was bright and sunny leaving home, I can really notice the days getting longer. It was cold, the balaclava is getting lots of action this winter. I had a very cold, painful belly when I got home. I need to wear a warmer top when it's this cold.

We are busy in our house at the moment. We are getting our house ready to sell. My weights workouts have temporarily changed to washing walls and painting.

*slippy is a word in Ireland, it took me quite a while and many odd looks before I realized it's not used in Canada. Another such word is amn't (pronounced amint) as in am not. I still say this and now Fiacra and Ailbhe do too.

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