Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Family Fun - Week 18

Our New Year's resolution was to do at least one family activity or outing, just the five of us, every week this year. This is week 18 of family fun.

We usually do our family fun on a Sunday but Connell is leaving tomorrow morning for Ottawa, so this morning, we got up and out of the house early (for us on a Saturday). We biked to Centennial park, played in the playground, hung out by the river, went to see the animals in Waterloo park (there is a baby lama), and biked home. Something fun for everyone!

Fiacra was half way across the river when he decided to take his shoes off and throw them back to me so that they wouldn't get wet. He climbed up the far bank and waited for me to throw them back over to him, oops I guess he got wet shoes after all. When I apologized, he said he didn't mind, he was used to having wet sneakers at his running club. His running club embraces mud and wet and running through rivers - Fiacra loves it!

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